Revealing Doting Dews

As our name suggests, we wanted to build a brand which spoke to the heart and brought joy to those who choose to either adorn themselves or gift a friend or family member with one of our pieces. Inspired by the pure and simple beauty of dew drops at the break of dawn, our designs capture a classic aesthetic and work beautifully to enhance your choice of style.

Using a combination of modern yet timeless silhouettes, with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, our demi-fine collection of jewellery remains visually commanding yet affordable. We see our pieces as collectable and expressive of your own personal style, which ultimately allows the interweaving of luxury into your everyday ensemble. Blending gold and white gold plating, alongside crystal gemstones, our pieces offer all of the enduring qualities found in fine jewellery, with the opportunity to build your collection as you see fit.

Elevate your look with everyday precious pieces that bridge the gap between high street jewellery and aspirational fine jewellery. Our understated, delicate designs and low-key proportions offer versatility with regards to styling, with the option of wearing a subtle pair of studs for a less is more approach or stacking multiple pieces for an opulent evening occasion.